All lives Matter yes but, lets say this together even Us. Black Lives Matter

When these words are spoken it is understood that All lives matter even Us.

So many times when you hear the phrase Black lives Matter sometimes it can sound like we are trying to be harsh or bring about a since of separatism no that is already present and striving basically out of control.

Please believe that these words are spoken as to give the understanding that equality is present, given from God. We are All equal. Let me say that again, We are all equal, but black people aren't treated as such and that's the problem.

Lets just say that the fight is still fresh as ever but things should be different. Just look around you and you can clearly see that some just refuse to accept the memo from God.

It is shown that there are some that have chosen to live their lives believing that they are privileged or special and think they are given the right to look down upon black lives, but no your not because God made each of us the same we are equal. Please note that when you hear these words you have the choice to understand that because we are treated as if there is some difference in us were just reminding every human being that Black lives Matter too.

Please don't get offended because its absolutely nothing to get offended about, but try to understand that what we are saying is that because of the harsh treatment that the phrase was spoken by activist Alicia Garza and now it has awaken every fiber of being of every black person in the world. Black Lives Matter. There is no difference in us we all have gifts, talents and to top this off we are all made in the image and likeness of God Our Father.

I sure hope this helps.

But if not Black Lives Matter this is just to say that , Yes even Us we matter too.

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