Power Question #27

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

What changes have you made since the pandemic? Does God approve? Let's evaluate our lives, be truthful... Let's think long and hard. Why we must look at ourselves and put ourselves under the microscope not because of man but because our very souls depend upon it. They say change is good but is every change that you made during this season in this pandemic has it been good??? Well since I've asked the question I thought to just give you my answer at least one of them. The one that I really think I should be concerned about......... Blast

I'm not perfect and its ok Im working on myself. NOW

Not all changes I must say have been good changes, but not bad either just like being patient with people I have found myself really not being patient with people at all I thought people should want to be in a better place or that once they have realized that change is needed that they should be able to make the necessary adjustments. I know pray with me.

However God has opened my eyes naturally and also spiritually to this change that I promise I am working, praying and fasting on right now even as I speak this to you..


YELP I'm Praising God right now for this awesome experience that he has led me to share with you.. I can say that I am right now doing so much better finding myself being patient even with people I don't know how awesome is that... Who knew being patient could be so rewarding. I will just say obedience is key . I'm so happy that God is patient with me each day.. I've also learned that being patient shows kindness as well and I really can't have one without the other they work hand and hand. I know I am super excited that i was able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and also be corrected by the Holy Spirit as well. This has allowed me to see that I'm in need of patience which brings about kindness as well. Just a little side note everyone its ok to really see yourself in the light that Gods sees you even with your Imperfections. We ALL have Imperfections but we serve a perfect God that when we allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us leading and guiding us he will move in us in ways that we should be changed delivered and set free to have the relationship with him as we should.

Let's talk about it, have some thoughts please feel free to share.

Blessings ❤️

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