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The name Da’Voice Da’PoeT, explains the Holy Spirit being the Voice in which

I am inspired to write. 

The Spiritual preparation of God is when the Holy Spirit grants us life as we allow his Spirit to dwell on the inside. His presence fulfills us unto righteousness, therefore, preparing us with the ability to become his earthly vessel.

-Spoken by Da'Voice

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My Assignment as the PoeT and his presenter I am instructed to offer this art of expression as a

solution to the world.

The "integrity" that comes with the desire to do the will of God is accomplished when the true hunger and thirst for him is chosen. This is when a total submission to the will of God is given by man, agreeing to be used as his earthly vessel. This attracts God's attention and he begins abundantly fulfilling promises to you that extends beyond your greatest imagination.

-Spoken by Da'PoeT



It all began when I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, at the age of 14 the Lord placed a love for his word in my heart and that love still remains today. Seeking the Lord at this early age has been my journey, since then and even until this very point in my life. My testimony from sin and the shame of depression is how I began fulfilling my inspiration of writing.


My life has been an interesting one, however I stood the test and trials of process on my journey and with the end result I gained totally Victory to the glory to God. This anointed Ministry from God has granted me the wisdom to offer the knowledge of the Kingdom of God reaching an entire world. I am  determined and with courage willing to complete my purpose God has designed.


Thank God for maturity and  the valuable lessons on the instructions of God’s word and his promises. Wholeheartedly I work earnestly that the glory of God is fulfilled through each passage written. My obedience has led me from Chicago to Los Angeles where I find myself preparing gifts of inspiration in these trying times. I trust these foundational scriptures that speaks to the very core of my potential in him, as I heed to the call to become.


II Peter 1:21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man” but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

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