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Our Vision

The Vision for the Ladies Circle is clear determined to rebuild and rebalance. We are here to restore, positive relationships that are healthy, inspirational, and most of all trustworthy. The Ladies Circle is formed through ExSpressed Solutions Ministries, A very unique group, a community of ladies, from all nationalities, ages and backgrounds, determined to tear down the myth that pure supportive relationships between us cannot be developed and maintained into true lasting friendships. As we rebuild these relationships between us we honor each other with dignity, and the respect deserved. Growing together for true sisterhood we are here putting forth this effort to strengthen the bond between us, a bond that can never be broken. Established and led by spiritual principles. We are taught to support and uphold each other in love, our foundational scriptures, which includes the supporting scriptures for  The Ladies Circle are as followed :

Matthew7:1-5 Galatians chapter 5 Verses 14,15 and verse 26 Galatians 6:1 ,JUDE verse 20,

Philippians 4:8 

Taking serious, the commitment to rebuild relationships, The Ladies Circle is a judgment free zone, never forgetting who we are as women. Making sure that every obstacles we face in life we are never in them alone, but we support each other as we navigate to produce victory. We will prevail, what we carry, we will bring forth. God has chosen each of us to cultivate new generations of ladies that value is the garment worn. Our journey, begins with one of us, there gifted relationships are born. Sharing life experiences that uplift and encourage with each testimony heard and respected for the reason it is shared. Standing in unity of each other that purpose is fulfilled. These trusted friendships are rebuilt, stronger, where trust is obtained and supported.

True, lifelong friendships are developed from a heart of understanding, there is no division among us, but our commitment to each other is what's important. Relationships that are kept in the harmony of love, and this atmosphere beautiful friendships are born.

The Ladies Circle Zoom Session
The Ladies Circle Zoom Session
Apr 22, 2024, 6:00 PM
The Ladies Circle Zoom event

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