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Find and Fulfill Purpose in life!

Updated: Mar 13

Understanding how to find and develop your Purpose in life.

First let me just say that you are more than enough, and that God loves you so much that

he has deposited something within you that no one can accomplish or complete but you. You are a world changer. Decide today, say yes to the call. Repeat after me Lord I say YES to the call and appointment that you have set for my life.

Now let's begin.

To find your purpose in life we must take notice of the things in life that peak your interest and what you are most passionate about. What is it that burns within you each day?

Ask yourself, are you living your best life, or have you settled for what has been handed to you? God has seeded within each of us multiple talents and gifts. Also, this includes a wealth of potential waiting to be discovered by each of us about ourselves. Will you allow the screams of your purpose to be heard? Will you offer the world your fruit (gifts, talents and potential)?

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