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Seen of God

Thank you, Lord for seeing me, thank you for being there for me and offering me a love that can never be exploited. Oftentimes we want to be seen by man however, that's the natural state of every man to be seen and recognized by another. However to be seen by God is best. When God sees you, it's a comforting experience a soothing sense of peace. Having a day filled with interruptions he's there to uplift and comfort . When there is communion with God a relationship develops with him as your Shepard. Our Father our Creator and friend. It's known to often when it appears that there is nothing or no one there, when we feel that we need someone to be present, and there isn't. The presence of Jesus offers us his Spirit which offers us the Peace that passeth our understanding, The depths of a faithful father listen to his prayer for us Father make them one even as we are one. His Desiree offers us so much from him, that we can explore, offering us to be seen by God on so many levels, it offers us strength, restoration and shines a gleaming light of Redemption to save and rescue our souls to be seen of God offers us a total deliverance from the systems of the world. Let us be Reminded of his Spoken word let not your heart be troubled (comforting words) neither let it be afraid. Listen as his concerns for us

speaks so loudly understanding just what we need as his children., we should soon develop our Trust, Stedfastness and relationship with him. His word remindsus as it is spoken I will never leave you or forsake you but Lo I am with you always even until the end of the earth, that comfort cannot be taken lightly but we as spoiled little children, we don't realize how much seen by him deserves our deepest devotion unto him. So we take it lightly. I take this moment to encourage even if it's just one God sees you he sees you, that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us not to condemn us but that the world through him might be saved. So my friend close your eyes and think of him he's right there can you feel him saying let not your heart be troubled I see you, Yes I see you even as you walk through the valley of the shadow of death my child don't fear no evil I see you because I am here, I am with YOU. I see you💖😘

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