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Trusting God because of the position he holds with us as his children. Our FATHER

To Trust God is understanding who he is. Also who do you know him to be in your life? If he isn’t seen or recognized and received as your Father you will begin to be your own provider, problem solver teacher, instructor, just think about it you will find yourself in the deep without proper protection, provision and or the many things that you need to be secure. We act like children that are out of control we interfere with God and who he is, often times we forget that a Father is someone that Provides, nurtures, teaches, develops and so much more think about it A Father protects and takes upon himself the matters that you care about. You have a problem and you present that problem to your Father for a solution right so think about it where we position God in our hearts and our minds isn’t where or who he is. We run into a problem when we don’t receive him as we should, but we position him for how we feel or our understanding of him which is wrong. This proves that we should seek him daily to help us understand who God is and allow him to be who he is not position him according to our little minds. Please take a moment of meditation and remember the position of a Father. This is to depend upon totally for your every need your Father. Remember that the Lord is your Shepherd (FATHER) you should not want. The God who supplies whatever I need. I am his son his daughter. Lets rediscover the understanding of who God is to us. lets humble ourselves to him as his children therefore receiving him as Our Father.💖

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