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The Power of the Spoken word

Just a small thought with a powerful punch if you think about it. I share this with you Declaring that the Power of the spoken word lives in you and is spoken over you. What is the spoken word you might ask; well it is the words of revelation knowledge given to each of us from the word of God. My thought for today comes from Psalms 27:1 which speaks

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid?

This revelation is so powerful this word greatly informs us that it is a must to truly Discover and Believe who our Father is, and know that who he is lives in us. That's the Powerful punch that I spoke of. We must know for sure the handy work that he has spoken over us through his word and also Declared within us by his Holy Spirit. He has given us the force of his Power because he lives in each of us. So why should we fear the difficulties in life, or situations that comes against us we must Remember every powerful expressions of our father lives within us. Why should we fear the things of this world, why should we fear failure, stagnation or lack of creativity and Purpose? We shouldn't The Lord is our light he is our Salvation meaning he is our Redemption Power, he gave us Dominion to walk in his Grace and Truth, and he has given us his Holy Spirit to lead us. He lets us know that he is our Strength so hold his word close to your heart and Trust that if he said it we can Trust his word even in times of despair, weakness or just feeling down and out from the things of this world, REMEMBER take a dive into the words in which he has spoken allowing him to Strengthen your heart. I Encourage you to be strong in the Lord read the entire chapter allowing him to show himself strong and Powerful within you. Let the Power of the Spoken word come forth representing you in these trying times. His word will uphold you in every situation. He is your Strength and nothing comes against you without coming against the Father that lives inside of you first.

Remember God has Declared you BLESSED

Da' Voice Da'PoeT

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07 août 2023
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Woooooow! Yes father thank you! Amen... Remember every powerful expressions of our father lives within us.

Da'Voice Da'PoeT
Da'Voice Da'PoeT
07 août 2023
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Blessings to you my friend thanks for the support 😘

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