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The Vital Importance of Obedience

This is BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC let me just say I promise I won't be too long but It is a must that I share this with all who will read, receive and take heed. (I'm being OBEDIENT )

Our Spiritual walk is very, very important. As we Build a relationship with the Lord as LORD and SAVIOR, of our lives means that we not only know him but we serve and commit to obey him as our Leader as well. There should be evidence of the fulfillment of his Promises to us. Our continuous building and effectiveness unto his leadership results to Growth, Spiritual Development, Wisdom and Revelations are made evident unto each of us. These maturities are revealed as we follow his instructions in everything. With this commitment we give him the right to give us instructions leading our lives which causes things to happen. I know we are all going through key word THROUGH trials and the test to walk in the Purpose for our lives so let me encourage you to Run and NOT be Weary and Walk and NOT Faint. Be encouraged in the Scriptures.

Be determined to obey him as LORD of your life. Please, Please, PLEASE don't be so moved by man, but get your instructions from the LORD JESUS.

( God will allow man to confirm things that he has spoken to you already and also give you a prophetic word for your information, correction and insight. This is called Confirmation. But please note that a Prophetic word is to something that's has already been revealed and or released unto you in some way shape or form.

You should never allow man to be leader in your life.) that is the position of the Holy Spirit)

This is why Obedience is vital in our lives because to give totally over to him and his Purpose for your life, is choosing to allow him to be your leader You to be led and used by him and him alone. Did you know that Your Blessings, Your Victories and fulfilled Promises are received after your very obedience to the will and instructions of the LORD.

Acts the 12 th Chapter is a perfect example of this awesome word that the LORD has allowed me to share. Check out his outcome...

I Pray your Strength and Obedience in him Always.

I encourage you to hold fast to what the LORD has spoken to you and know that he knows what's at the end of each act of Obedience and EVERY TRIAL. He's right there the whole time. But we must continue to Obey, Fast and Pray as instructed whatever he tells you to do (JUST DO IT humbly)

Obedience is the fulfilling of his will and Purpose for your walk in him. Let's Praise and follow closely allowing his leadership to lead us. Let's listen to the LORD when he instructs us in our daily walk of fulfillment with him. This causes Promises to received. Remember don't allow nothing to defeat or destroy your Praise, Honor and Worship unto the LORD. You are Victorious because you Obey the Holy Spirits Instructions.

(Side note)

God is up to SOMETHING.

Blessings 💖

Da'Voice Da'PoeT

Words are life lived with PURPOSE.

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