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Ring again freedom

Ring again freedom passage was written quite some time ago like a parable, speaking of a man over 35 years ago who lived trying to enlighten all of the understanding that freedom is the right of every human being. Fighting for this freedom, justice and equality for all is the lesson taught to love one another so that all men are created equal. That all men be free of racism, injustice and indifference. It goes on to say that we need to be taught to love one another as God loves every man. Speaking on this, Ring again freedom requires the Love of God to be present within the heart of each of us. This Love that God has showed us without it we as human beings are in bondage. Ring again freedom is impossible without the understanding that we must love each other as God has loved each of us. Freedom comes in this love that is taught and is the only common lesson that will cause the amazing gift to be felt by every man. To allow freedom to ring again is to be taught the importance of this life lesson of love. When we learn that love is to give freedom, we will begin feeling the ring of freedom that God has given to all this is allowing freedom to ring again in every heart that will receive it.

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